Prayer ... Strengthening the Church

All SMI projects fall in the following Service Areas that are listed below. These prayer requests pertain to the current needs and may change periodically.

Please continue to pray:

Strengthening the Church - General Ministry

  • For all the ministry workers: for their health, safety and continued walk with God
  • For the material development projects and translation projects now underway
  • For many more churches to become Bible teaching, discipling churches

Leadership Training

  • For the protection, unity and encouragement of all teachers and staff
  • For God to somehow enable each student to gain long term skills with a strong biblical foundation
  • For new pastor training schools now in the developmental stages

Ministry Material Development

  • For our development teams who are working on new materials and translation projects
  • For newly developed deaf ministry materials to be widely effective among deaf peoples
  • For the necessary funding needed for printing materials so we can use them on the field


  • For all the ministry workers: for their health, safety, enablement and needed provisions for future outreach
  • For those recently trained to successfully implement what they have learned in their communities
  • For each new believer to grow strong and mature in Christ

National Worker Partnership Program

  • For the health and safety of each national worker and their families
  • For our workers to stay encouraged and growing in their faith
  • For more qualified and supported national workers

Underground Church Support

  • For the health, safety and protection of each member of these underground churches
  • For the training of new church leaders and their plans to work underground
  • For more prayer warriors to undergird this often dangerous ministry

Deaf Ministry

  • For the deaf church leaders and lay people who are working to help the deaf
  • For the destitute deaf to find work to support their families
  • For the additional funding that is needed to expand their work

Give-A-Bible Program

  • For a growing hunger for God’s Word among people of all ages and people groups
  • For more Bibles that we can give to those hoping and praying for one
  • That each new Bible given will be read often, understood clearly and its truths shared openly