Prayer ... Children and Youth

All SMI projects fall in the following Service Areas that are listed below. These prayer requests pertain to the current needs and may change periodically.

Please continue to pray:

Children and Youth - General Ministry

  • For strength, protection and encouragement of each worker in this ministry
  • For God to bring us more nationals who have a burden for working with children and youth
  • For the orphans whose lives have been turned upside-down and whose futures are uncertain

Children's Home

  • For the safety, good health and daily provisions for each member of the Faith Home
  • For the children and home parents to be encouraged
  • That God would lead specific people to help support this home monetarily and in prayer

Student Helps Program

  • For well rounded success of each student this school year
  • For good and fair instructors in the schools
  • For the many boarding students who are away from home

Resource Materials and Supplies

  • For these supplies and resource materials to become available on the local level at affordable prices
  • For the leaders to maximize these resources in their ministries
  • That God would provide the funding needed to help Youth and Children’s Ministries in this way

Mount Olive Academy

  • For each child enrolled in Mt. Olive Academy
  • For the expansion of Mt. Olive Academy to a new second campus
  • That God would provide the needed financial assistance to keep this school in operation

Children's Ministry

  • For more contextualized materials for local use
  • For quality teacher training opportunities for children's ministry workers
  • For more opportunities to share the gospel with children and their families

Youth Ministry

  • For the Youth Leaders we train to apply what they have learned and share it with others
  • That many more youth will become morally strong and God fearing leaders
  • For the families of youth who often struggle through these years