Prayer ... Helping the Needy

All SMI projects fall in the following Service Areas that are listed below. These prayer requests pertain to the current needs and may change periodically.

Please continue to pray:

Helping the Needy - General Ministry

  • For our workers, both national and expatriate, to stay healthy, safe and encouraged
  • That SMI could connect more and more people who care with people in need
  • For the financial resources needed to help keep SMI moving forward in all areas of this work

Water Development

  • For more missionary partners that can help train national workers
  • For favor and cooperation with government officials and rural communities where water development is taking place
  • For experienced and trustworthy project managers

Medical and Dental Assistance

  • For the additional funding as many are in need of medical assistance
  • For a good standard of medical and dental care for those seeking treatment
  • For those suffering with chronic pain or terminal illnesses

HIV Awareness and Assistance

  • For the people who are "positive" (living with AIDS), for provision, hope and local support
  • That many would hear and receive God’s love and forgiveness
  • For our education and awareness classes to be effective and life saving!

Literacy Training

  • For the literacy classes now in progress, and for each student to become functionally literate
  • For more literacy teachers
  • For those newly literate people to grow strong in their reading and writing skills

Disabled Peoples Ministry

  • That God would work in the lives of many more families who care for disabled people
  • For all our participants to gain the courage and the needed stamina to keep trying so they may continue to learn new things
  • For each worker involved, that they may receive the extra patience and love required for this work, and that God would bless each one

Vocational Training Scholarships

  • For the academic discipline required for these adults to succeed in their training
  • For high quality internship opportunities
  • That God would provide good job situations for those newly trained and lacking employment

General Benevolence

  • For adaquate rainfall throughout the year
  • For more assistance groups to help with the growing number of street children
  • For the employment rates in third world countries to rise so that poverty may ease