Youth Ministry

An effective and vibrant Youth Ministry not only has to be filled with energy and activity, it must be filled with authenticity and integrity. The youth of our generation are quick to recognize hypocrisy in the adults around them. And they are equally as quick to respect authenticity and integrity when they see it. This is why we feel it is vital to invest in young people (both teens and young adults) who can become leaders filled with integrity and a wholesome excitement for life. One of the most powerful, yet natural ways we can accomplish this is to train quality Youth Leaders and Youth Workers who are in the position of working with youth on a weekly basis. We do this through Youth Leadership Trainings that incorporate a great deal of hands-on, or practical teaching time which results in the largest amount of life application.

The most exciting part of this ministry is the actual work with youth themselves. These young people are very open and eager to learn how to make good and moral choices and avoid the pitfalls of their societies. They long to be discipled and literally soak up the discipleship atmosphere where they can ask questions, discuss issues, study the Scriptures and pray together.

SMI is actively involved in the following aspects of Youth Ministry:

  • Youth trainings
  • Youth material development and translation projects
  • Evangelism
  • HIV awareness, testing and counseling
  • Youth discipleship