Water Development

"They faint from dehydration on the way walking; sometimes we find them collapsed and already dead", were the comments of one local pastor when asked about the growing drought in his area.

Although not talked about much in the news today, millions of people on earth are without a clean local source of water. And some are literally dying of thirst. If you have ever been really thirsty or dehydrated then perhaps you can relate in a small way to what it must be like to go without water. However, to live in a “waterless society”, day in and day out, or in a place where you and your family must drink dirty water, it is difficult for us to imagine how people can even survive. From our observations, people can learn to survive in the most difficult living conditions, but not without great hardship and suffering. Because a clean water source is a necessity of life and health, this project is most urgent to those in need.

SMI offers you and your family a way to help provide water for some of the worlds most needy by giving to a water development project such as this:

  • drilling and installation of a bore hole
  • installing a water catchment system
  • piping water in from a distant source
  • sanitizing polluted water