Strengthening the Church - General Ministry

Sequoia Ministries International is committed to equipping and strengthening the Christian community through working closely with local peoples.

There is a universal need for Christians to learn and grow in their faith but millions have little opportunity for this due to lack of access to materials, education, etc. For example, today there is a serious lack of Bibles and study materials, as well as a lack of biblical training and discipleship. With the absence of biblical training comes the absence of sound teaching in local churches causing them to stay infant and unable to produce mature, reproducing Christians.

SMI seeks to help strengthen the Body of Christ through a number of avenues:

  • Evangelism Trainings and Outreach
  • Pastor Training
  • Discipleship
  • Developing Ministry Trainings for Local Church Leaders (adult, youth and children’s leaders)
  • Bible Distribution
  • Bible Studies
  • Underground Church Support
  • Development of Contextualized and Translated Ministry Materials
  • National Worker Mentorship and Partnerships
  • Deaf Ministry

Contributions to this project allows SMI to use your contribution where it is most needed to support the ministries listed above that are actively helping to strengthen the church.