Underground Church Support

Underground Churches - They are alive, they are strong, they are growing and they need our prayers.

Freedom of worship is a luxury, especially when you do not have it. In many places on earth today Christians are not allowed to gather together and, in some cases, Christians are not allowed to exist at all. These believers do not know what it would be like to walk freely down a street and not have to “watch their back”. They would not dream of going anywhere alone without an escort. In many places Christian believers must meet in secret with other Christians to worship, read the Scriptures and pray together. The reading of Scripture is especially needed for the underground believers who could never take a Bible home to read and study. Singing is especially risky and, if it is allowed at all, the singing is hushed. Although underground church members live with the knowledge of daily risk for themselves and their families, church leaders are often in the greatest danger. In some cases, if there is so much as a rumor that a church leader is suspected of being a Christian pastor of an underground church, he must be smuggled out of the country immediately, and never return. These leaders are fully aware of the risks and challenges of their work, yet they feel empowered by God and driven to do all they can to help Christians in these oppressive situations.

Fortunately a strange thing happens in the face of strong persecution. The greater the persecution, the greater the dependency on God and the greater God’s provision for the community of believers. This is certainly the case in one particular area where there is increasing brutality toward Christians. In 2004, a Christian “evangelist” was not only murdered when he tried to preach in a town square, but his body was cut into pieces for public viewing for days. Since that time the underground churches in that area have not only grown, but multiplied with many new believers and new leaders rising up.