Blessing in Unfortunate Village

“One of the elders in our church died last night. It’s another death from the typhoid outbreak.”
These were the comments from a local pastor we work with. He went on to explain that in their area typhoid has killed dozens of residents in the last year. Many open wells have become contaminated and even the water source for the local schools has made hundreds of students sick. “What makes matters worse is the widespread counterfeiting of medicines, including vaccines. The typhoid vaccines are not working, and the typhoid treatments are too weak. People are just dying needlessly.”

SMI learned of this problem and decided to get involved to help this community named Chebukwabi, or Unfortunate Village. We learned that one thing they desperately needed was a proper community water well that could provide a more secure source of water. Through various donations (primarily from a gracious retired couple in California), SMI was able to raise the money needed to put in a proper water well which could also provide water for a local school.

After surveying the land with water well experts, SMI organized for a Well Master and his crew to put in a water well with an industrial strength pump. At first this crew was not fortunate incurring many problems while digging. But after two weeks of work and problem solving, they were successful and able to reach a large clean aquifer. They treated and securely sealed a bore hole that has a strong replenish rate.

Much jubilation among the villagers followed, especially among the children who had never played in fresh water before. It was quite a celebration. The village elders have shared how grateful the whole village is that outsiders have chosen to help them. “This is a gift from God. What a blessing you have been to all of us! Now we can have a better chance for our future! We wish to thank you all!”

This village now has their first pure source of water. And although more wells are needed in this area, this first well can give this community the boost they need, and hopefully it will have a large impact in reducing the amount of sickness and death for these now more fortunate villagers.