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Reaching Further with Swahili

Educational and training materials can be found predominantly in English, but if willing to translate into other languages, hundreds of thousands more people...  Read More >>

Teaching in Silence

The deaf community is not immune to the Aids pandemic. However, it needs specialized attention that overcomes the communication barrier to be educated with...  Read More >>

This Cow is Helping Educate Children

How a milk cow can provide an education for several hundred children.  Read More >>

Help Us Fight Our Enemy

Sudanese soldiers lead their nation in the fight against illiteracy by taking classes that teach them to how to read and write.  Read More >>

Thousands Are Grateful for Living Water

Even a small portion of the Bible is worth its weight in gold to Christians in poverty-stricken areas.  Read More >>

Shoes are Important!

Walking a mile in Samuel’s shoes would be a challenge for any man because Samuel is an amputee.  Read More >>

Blessing in Unfortunate Village

A proper water well brings joy to an African village and becomes invaluable in preventing disease.  Read More >>

Healing in Nairobi

SMI partners with local Kenyan pastors to help rebuild their community after devastating post election violence.  Read More >>

A Warm Welcome for Used Textbooks

Many children never see a real textbook, only photo copied textbooks at best. But photo copied textbooks are much better than no books at all!  Read More >>
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About Us

Sequoia Ministries International is a non-profit Christian networking and partnering organization that brings together individuals, groups and other organizations that are interested in taking part in joint projects to help others in need.

Who We Are

Sequoia Ministries Int'l (SMI) helps people in developing countries improve their quality of life and reach their God-given potential through assisting them with educational helps, community development projects, benevolence helps and Christian outreach. In the communities in which we work, we strive to make a difference one life at a time

What We Do

In a nutshell, Sequoia Ministries International partners with nationally led service projects (led by national leaders). SMI has a growing list of projects that everyone is invited to support and help in some way. These carefully selected projects fall into three categories.

Who We Work With

Ministry Partners - SMI partners with Christian ministries and service projects who have:

  • an effective and established work that is meeting a need
  • show evidence of high accountability and good stewardship
  • are actively empowering others
Unique Strategies

Carefully Selected Projects - SMI carefully selects each of our projects using a screening process incorporating high ethical standards.

Our criteria for selecting and adopting a project includes, but is not limited to:

  • need
  • project feasibility and effectiveness

Core Values

Statement of Faith

Sequoia Ministries International bases its work on the following core beliefs...

  1. The Bible is the inspired, infallible, and only authoritative Word of God.
  2. There is one God who exists eternally in three Persons, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.